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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quid Pro Quo

Posted by Simon Halliday | Tuesday, November 04, 2008 | Category: |

I want to commend my friend Dave Ansara for his tireless work over the last few days to report on the convention for the development of the new party, the South African Democratic Congress (SADC).  He managed to interview a few interesting people at the convention, including Mluleki George and Smuts Ngonyama.  I've linked to each of the interviews below .  He has audio and transcripts of each interview, as well as a transcript of a comment made by Helen Zille (no interview with Helen as of yet), in addition to one or two of his own comments.

Nov 1- The SANC Part 1
Nov 3 - The SANC Initial Thoughts
Nov 3 - Voices of the SANC: Philip Dexter
Nov 3 - SADC: A Better name than 'Shikota'
Nov 3 - Voices of the SANV: Mluleki George
Nov 3 - Helen Zille address to the SANC
Nov 4 - Voices of the SANC : Smuts Ngonyama

I'll let you know as more things come and link to them when they do.

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  1. Simon

    Thanks for the link love. It's nice to know that the work is being appreciated. Although it is most definitely not tireless!

    I have some more material lined up; probably about three or four posts. If you have any criticisms or suggestions I would appreciate your feedback.

    BTW - are you on Google Reader? If you are we should email each other so we can view our shared items list. I'd be keen to pillage your reading material.