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I am a PhD student in Economics. I am originally from South Africa and plan to return there after my PhD. I completed my M. Comm in Economics and my MA In Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Cape Town, where I worked as a lecturer before starting my PhD.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Book Reviews - Changing my format

Posted by Simon Halliday | Wednesday, September 02, 2009 | Category: |

I'm going to try a new format with book reviews for a while. A friend of mine recommended some time ago that I try to dedicate individual posts to individual books, rather than doing the summary posts that I've done for the past while. Consequently, I've decided to try that for a while to see how it goes. I have a bit of a backlog of books so you'll see a number of posts on books for the next while, but following that I'll try to review books immediately after I've read them, rather than some time afterwards. I hope that I'll have clearer and more enjoyable reviews as a consequence.

Also, apologies for the lack in posting I was away and out of internet contact, then finishing with an editing job (which just about quashes all creativity), and spending time with family while my sister and her husband are down from Johannesburg while my wife and I are in Cape Town. So more posts will follow soon, I promise.

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