Monday, November 21, 2005


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Something which I have been thinking about...

Need 21.11.05

Although you crave

being needed, I am

not good at it, this

inborn independence

does not do you justice

your devotion and application

to me, and I feel inept

in my immediate attempts

at being within and for

you. But you see, if nothing

else, that is why I need you

the most, to teach me

this art, the structure of need.

My errant nature inimically

untied and blown by every

which-way breeze of intellect

calls out against the breath of

you teaching me need. You are

so necessary, your love so

required for this. Lest my

ambling soul lose all

vulnerability, lose all chance

at freely being helped. It has

always been me who has been

needed. It is time for my

change, hurting though I may be

before the glimpses of it.

You are that much to me.

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