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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings

Posted by Simon Halliday | Sunday, May 14, 2006 | Category: |

It's actually Sunday morning now. I like Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. I am listening to the band 'Something for Kate'. They're a kind of chilled rock band, the song 'Hide' is a fun one, one of the lyrics goes 'You only hide because you know I'll find you'. I wonder about it, about having someone who would hide from me so that I could find them. Notwithstanding all that, life is good (s'good). Lecturing has improved, even subsequent to a clash with the convenor of the course (shock-horror). These things happen, I am not too worried though.

I saw an enjoyable movie on Friday night: 'Shopgirl' with Clare Danes. The idea behind it is about confusion over love and being in love with people who confess not to be in love with you, it's also about being on anti-depressives (not that that's a common deus ex machina in movies these days hey?). Nevertheless, it's a cool film. Jason Schwartzman's character is suitably fumbling and unaware of his surroundings, especially after his 'I heart Huckabees' performance, this adds to his character as an actor. I have really come to like his acting.

Otherwise, I had dinner this evening with Seraj, Tess, Becks and Lyndal. Fun. Good curry. Talked a bit of politics. Darfur - keeping people informed of genocide sucks sometimes - they don't seem to know what's going on and then you say "Yes, aid workers and refugees have been systematically murdered." Conversation enhancer of note. I was going to bring up Iran and the problems of nuclear empowerment, but I was unsure as to how that would go down after our discussion over whether humans are inherently selfish (at least self-interested) and whether this can be overcome by social pressures and social patterns of behaviour - espeically in the context of SA and our poverty, unemployment, etc. This is also all subsequent to a large internet debate on these things (in fact the I'll put my 'responses' up here, enjoy).

Anyway, the day moves more into Sunday. Rain is falling and Cape Town is getting colder. I have uploaded some photos of a beautiful woman I took photos of on Thursday evening - Monica. Was doing it randomly for some Rag people. Yup, weird. Check my facebook for them.

I should sign off, I feel like reading, the cold is getting tighter around me. Night night friends.

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