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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carnival of the Africans #3

Posted by Simon Halliday | Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Category: | this month's edition of the Carnival of the Africans I have set out to do two things, first, to find some interesting posts that people have either sent to me, or that I have managed to find myself.  Second, I decided that we should have a special place for the launching of the site Stop Danie Krugel and link to several of the posts there.  So here goes...

General Skepticism and Science
Angela, the Skeptic Detective, brings us three interesting and entertaining posts.  She gives us the first two installments (here and here) of her trilogy (third part forthcoming) on the woo presented in the 'documentary' Water: The Great Mystery.  The film proposes that water is imprinted with emotions and 'energy'.  Angela breaks this with a skeptical incisions, along with a dose of sarcasm.  Similarly she deals with a chain email trying to promote the dubious claim that baby carrots are out to get you... oohh... they get white and fluffy... oohh...

Prometheus Unbound sets out some of the arguments about religion being a Virus of the Mind.  See his post on some recent work in the Proceedings of the Royal Society and an article in the Economist. He also sets out in his 'Sorry, friends, not since Darwin they ain't' some of the ways in which postmodernist Pieter Duvenage attempted to attack his naturalist inclination, Claassen reminds us that Duvenage's attack on science and naturalism is silly.

Subtle shift in emphasis brings us a piece, Ritual Insantiy,on an incident in Malaysia in which a couple were killed during a 'ritual beating' (i.e. not something that occurred regularly, but something that was part of a ritual).  Wow. 

From my own blog, I decided to highlight two posts.  The first, Egalitarians behave 'trustworthily',  is on egalitarianism and egotism and within-subject variation in economic experiments, which included a sample of individuals from South Africa.  The second, Experimenter Bias, reminds us that it is necessary to be aware of priming in economic experiments and elsewhere and that awareness of such effects needs to become more widespread.

Mike Meadon, from Ionian Enchantment, reminds us that even professional and fantastic science journalists like Malcolm Gladwell can get it wrong.  Mike discusses, in his 'Genius and Precocity', a recent article by Gladwell in the New Yorker.  Mike also assesses a recent New Scientist article on the Discovery Institute's attempts to attack naturalism by reviving dualism.  Sigh... Read his incisive commentary, Neuroscience denial is the new wedge.

Richard Harriman, of Botswana Skeptic, tells us about how he has been lying to astrologers in his post 'It's in the stars?'  It's a very entertaining breakdown. 

Yet another skeptic jokes about claims and proof a bit in his post 'Claim and Protocol'.  The style is humorous, the message important: Evidence is crucial.

Lastly, Pause and Consider offers us his insights into the Bigfoot phenomenon, giving us 10 Reasons why Bigfoot is Stupid.  He put the problem in its cryptozoological frame and breaks it all down.  Have a read of this fine post.

Danie Krugel:
First, we have the Open Letter to Danie Krugel signed by all kinds of luminaries, including James Randi and Ben Goldacre to name a few.  Get your name on that list to get Krugel's 'machine' tested. See also the discussion on the site.
Mike Meadon - Stop Danie Krugel
Subtle shift - Stop Danie Krugel
Yet another skeptic's blog - 8th on Google
The James Randi Educational Foundation hosts a forum to discuss Stop Danie Krugel.

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