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I am a PhD student in Economics. I am originally from South Africa and plan to return there after my PhD. I completed my M. Comm in Economics and my MA In Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Cape Town, where I worked as a lecturer before starting my PhD.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carnival of the Africans #5

Posted by Simon Halliday | Sunday, December 28, 2008 | Category: , |

Owen Swart of 01 and the universe is hosting the fifth Carnival of the Africans. I have not read the pieces yet, but wanted to promote the carnival. Go and have a look. I will read and tell you of the posts that I enjoyed.

I admit that I have been quiet of late because of work and teaching summer term, but I hope to have a couple of interesting pieces on Neuroeconomics up for the next carnival (Mike hold me to this!).

Anyway, it is also necessary for me to update my African Sceptical and Scientific blogroll. Here they are, I will be adding them to my sidebar promptly:


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  1. Thanks for linking.... now to convince everybody ELSE to start doing it...

  2. I will do my best to comment on the original post on Owen's site soon, and link to those posts I enjoyed (as I mentioned). Just trying to finish an assignment that is due on Weds (sigh). Hyperbolic discounting of doom... (actually only due in Jan, but I need a holiday!).