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I am a PhD student in Economics. I am originally from South Africa and plan to return there after my PhD. I completed my M. Comm in Economics and my MA In Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Cape Town, where I worked as a lecturer before starting my PhD.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Priced Charity

Posted by Simon Halliday | Friday, December 26, 2008 | Category: |

I know this makes me 'sound like an economist', but I am in favour of the low-priced, profit-driven provision of support for those in need. Specifically the targeting of 'poor' individuals for goods that they require, but at prices that still allow a business to run, for example the provision of mosquito nets, or paid toilets or others.

Al Roth comments on this (initially in reference to an article by Nicholas Kristof, but anyway), and, in general, I am with him. Read the Ashraf paper, she is an (upcoming) goddess of experimental development work - she did experimental economics work in SA a while back (J. Exp Econ, 2006 if I recall). Very cool lady.

Ok, back to work.

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