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Friday, July 03, 2009

SA - What to do with Evolution

Posted by Simon Halliday | Friday, July 03, 2009 | Category: , |

An article from The Guardian, 'God or Darwin? The world in evolution beliefs',   discusses the representation of and belief in evolution across 10 000 people survey in 10 countries.  I don't know about the design, but, assuming it's vaguely representative, SA performs poorly.  27% of surveyed South Africans have heard of Darwin, 8% agree that scientific evidence for evolution exists, 12% think evolution should NOT be taught, only other theories.
SA has a problem with education, so I can understand the lack of knowledge about Darwin (I still think it's crazy). Let's assume, then, that those who have an opinion on teaching evolution or believing there is scientific evidence know about Darwin.  So we're dealing with that 27% percent of the sample interviewed.  This means that 8/27 (about 30% of those who know about Darwin) believe there is a scientific basis for evolution, and, similarly, of those who know of Darwin and evolution, 12/27 (about 45% of those who know about Darwin) believe that it should not be taught in schools.  I want to know what those other 7/27 believe.  Do they think there isn't a scientific, but that it should still be taught? That would seem to be an odd opinion.  They could be indifferent. I hope they aren't.

Anyway, whoever chose the article's headline chose awfully. It's got nothing to do with God 'or' Darwin, but whether Darwin should or shouldn't be taught in school and whether those sampled believe that scientific evidence for evolution exists.   Comparing SA to countries like Russia (93% heard of Darwin) and Mexico (91% heard of Darwin) makes me sad. 

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