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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Links and comments

Posted by Simon Halliday | Saturday, August 23, 2008 | Category: |

I really want to recommend Mark Thoma's commentary on the economic policy of Obama with some of his own ideas and caveats.
Here's a link to the Leonhardt article in the NYT on Obama's policy (to which Thoma refers), from the NYT Magazine.
Please also take a look at the article that he recommends in another recent post referring to an article by Olivier Blanchard on 'The State of Macro'.
I'd also recommend this recent article from Jeffrey Sachs on the impact of the internet and mobile phones on growht and innovation in the developing world. I think that he is somewhat optimistic as usual, but it is still a good article.
Esther Duflo comments on 'too many boys' in China and the effects that the phenomenon of gender imbalance seems to be having on violence and crime in China. Interesting insights as always.
Glewwe, Kremer & Moulin provide another interesting VOX-EU article on textbooks and Kenya and how the textbooks seem to have had almost no effect on educational outcomes. Textbooks assist the best students, but do not assist those students with lower initial achievement.

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