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Sunday, July 06, 2008

David Mabus - troll

Posted by Simon Halliday | Sunday, July 06, 2008 | Category: |

I was looking through some older comments on my blog that I hadn't paid much attention to and this one came up.

david mabus said...

TAM 6 Call for papers: James Randi - little blaspheming atheist fraud and his army of robot zombie followers:


to see how we stopped Randi's MD paranormal challenge....


guess what is inside angel's ENVELOPE:


Now, I followed the threads, looked at the ideas and, lo and behold, it was some random punter trying to promote non-skeptical thinking and trying to demean and defame James Randi and others who are skeptical about pseudoscience. He was also posting attacks on Richard Dawkins and evolution. Oh well... Such is life. Such randoms posting on one's blog with their own particularly random and ineffectual methods of attack. He must have seen my blog on the blogroll of the Out Campaign or something. Trolls... Sigh.

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  1. Haha... he emailed me the same nonsense a while back and I replied by saying I think he needs help from a psychiatrist (I honestly think so, the guy is a nutter). He didn't take kindly to that comment and spammed my blog with the exact same comment you got. Maybe he "took revenge" on me by spamming my friends' blogs too...

    Amusing. :-)